Some practise sketches done in 60 minutes

Fan Art

Sketch inspired by the song: Man Must Dance by Johnossi.

“We’re the people, the lucky
with the fragile bones
the ones who sit and worry
about getting to old
We’re the people, the happy
with the broken hearts
the ones who draw a picture
and proclaim that it’s art”

Man Must Dance by Johnossi (great video )

Jack Sparrow and the mermaid Illustration


Jack Sparrow is one of those characters that inspire a lot, thanks to Johnny Depp and the make up is really easy to make him something real to work with. I enjoyed a lot painting this, I think that from now on I will do more fan art. This scene is absolutly out of the script of any of the 4 films of Pirates of the Caribbean, I just wanted to give some “fictional” action on it. And I love to draw mermaids aswell.. so! The mermaid and Jack Sparrow.